Oct 15, 2017

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U-Turn: Changing how I Blog about School

Okay, so clearly I fell right off the wagon concerning regular updates about school. Considering I was very excited to blog about this journey and share it, it’s something that has been poking at me considerably. I really wanted to continue blogging in the same manner, week-by-week, but that just isn’t in the cards anymore. I don’t even know what week it is now, aside from telling you I’m almost done. We have maybe six weeks to go, and a good portion of that will be review. So I’m already at the end, and that leaves this personal dilemma of how I want to share everything.

I’ve mulled over changing the style, and while it wasn’t my first choice I have come to the conclusion it’s the correct choice. Now that I’ve made up my mind, I am going to do a series of entries on each specific class that has been offered at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy. In addition to that, I will share about specific events I took part in, clinic, and my journey of over-achievement with my pathology research project.

So no, I probably will never get to write-ups on any of the other finals that I took. Sorry, I lied there. Whoops. And it won’t be an exact play-by-play of all the fun stuff that has happened at school. However, it will hopefully still give an idea of how much this experience has helped to really shape me into a better version of myself, and the enjoyment I’ve gotten from it.

Now that this brief explanation is out of the way, please look forward to a return of my blogging adventure! With school winding down, I should be able to dedicate some time to this again, and I’ve very excited to do so! ♥


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