Jun 28, 2019

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Fitness: Week 7 to Weight Loss


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Goals and Check-ins

  • Current Weight: 132.4lbs
    • Goal Weight: 113lbs
    • Weight Needed to Lose: 19.6lbs
    • Amount Lost so far: 0lbs
  • Current Chest Measurement: 40in
    • Goal Measurement: 38in
    • Amount to Lose: 2in
    • Amount Lost so far: 0in
  • Current Waist Measurement: 32in
    • Goal Measurement: 29in
    • Amount to Lose: 3in
    • Amount Lost so far: 0in

Exercise Through the Week

Day 1: June 24, 2019

Today I was pretty busy from morning to evening, but I did manage to make some time to do some activity. The day started with meeting a friend from massage school for brunch at 10am. Had to be up at 8:30am to accomplish this, which is pretty early for me! From that I had an hour to kill until I gave a massage, so I went to the bank and then wandered down to my favorite local bead shop where I got to play with the owner’s kiddo for a bit (such a cutie!). Nothing major, but it was some walking. Then walked back to the massage space, and gave an hour massage. Again, nothing major but we’re looking at non-stop activity which is pretty good.

After the massage is when I squeezed in a bit of time for actual, dedicated, exercise. Went to the fitness trail in town and got to it! I’m finding I’m able to run/jog a bit further now than before for a couple of my bursts, so that’s encouraging! This time I was able to do two of my bursts for 0.15mi instead of 0.10mi. It’s not a big improvement, but it is a forward momentum. So overall I managed to run/jog about 0.40mi of a 1.06mi activity. The hardest part wasn’t even the running/jogging, it was the walk back to the car! So the trail itself is through the woods and is nice and shaded. The walk back to the car is through the cute little village of Ballston Spa, and it is not shaded! Oh, that sun and heat just beat down on me! And the LuLaRoe leggings my aunt got me for Christmas (my only pair)? Yeah, bad idea! They weren’t comfy I discovered for a long day in general, having them cling to my legs and not breathe when I was dying from heat and trying to sweat? Even worse! Won’t make that mistake again! LOL On the plus side though, I managed my walk/jog/run in 19min, which is much better than my typical 25min! I wanted to keep it at 20min or less, and I did it. 😀

I did make it back to the car, and then went to feed my bestie’s kitties since she’s out of town for a bit before making my way back to the apartment so Pete and I could do the grocery shopping and then start a new batch of beer. So busy!

Found some yummy pineapple frozen fruit bars at the supermarket though! They’re 100% real ingredients, non-GMO, and only 70cal a shot! Even have real fruit mixed into them! I love them so much. ♥

Day 2: June 25, 2019

I had to wait until the sun was starting to go down so I didn’t cook (again), but today I went for a bike ride. It was a 1.87mi ride in 18min, which was pretty good all things considered I think. Since the last time I went on a bike ride I not only got lost, but underestimated the hills of the area, I decided that this time I would still to a route I know that I thought was much flatter. Do you see where this is going yet? LOL

Indeed, the route was much flatter than the last time I went for a bike ride… right up until I expanded the route to an area we had walked only once before… last year. It’s a big, big hill down and for whatever reason my mind figured the return path might not be so bad because it was one block over? Am I a moron? Apparently so! That climb sucked! According to the app I use, Map My Walk, I had a 130ft elevation gain! YIKES! I did not walk my bike up it though, so even though I had to pause at one point I still peddled my ass back up. Rough stuff! I was whooped by the time I returned!

Goal with this one was to really work my legs, and continue to get cardio in. My cardio and stamina is so poor, I know getting it in better condition alone will help me do longer workouts and be able to sustain myself during them. Goals.

Day 3: June 27, 2019

If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that I actually missed a day. This is not a typo, I did miss Wednesday this week. It was a hectic day, and these things just happen sometimes. A quick recap on how Wednesday went, and why I didn’t get a workout in:

It started with waking up an hour later than anticipated, after struggling to get to sleep the night before. I had errands to do and being an hour behind did not help. So I shuffled the order in which I would complete them. Originally I was going to feed Gwen’s kitties and check the house first; then go to my massage studio to fold and put away the clean sheets, plus hang the space egg I bought to decorate it with; before finally going to A Bead Just So to learn a new pattern, and query some advice on one that wasn’t working, plus try another new idea in my head I wanted to bring to life. Well, since I was running behind and A Bead Just So does have specific hours, I ended up going there first. I arrived around 2pm, and was there not only to close, but past closing time because I was chatting with the owner (I consider us friends at this point). So then it was a quick run to my massage space to do what I needed to do, before finally getting to Gwen’s. I wouldn’t arrive home until almost 8:30pm, and I hadn’t eaten since before I went to the bead shop! So my priority in this case was food, and by the time I had eaten it was far too late to get a workout in. Shit happens, and sometimes life really does get in the way.

Missing yesterday aside, today was pole dance. Sadly, it’s the last in the current series of classes I signed up for, so I’m either going to miss three weeks in a row (two while I wait for a new series to start, and one because I’m on vacation), or I have to set something up personally with the instructor I’ve been taking classes from to keep it going. I’ve really fallen in love with pole, so I’d like to not miss any weeks if I can help it. If we could put one in the apartment so I could practice otherwise, I would.

We didn’t learn anything new in this class really, aside from a spin, but we are starting to get a feel for how to flow the moves together. None of us are terribly graceful at it yet, but we’re getting the hang of it and that’s the most important part! Grace can come later, I’ve only been at this for two months (and the other girls only a month), so it’s to be expected. However, I can absolutely say that I am getting stronger and I can feel it. That is an amazing thing. My arms are supporting me on the pole easier, i can do sits for longer periods of time, the bruises are sort of lessening? Well, they’re changing areas anyways. LOL So there are improvements, and this class we took some videos (our choice) so we could see the progress. Good stuff!

Day 4: June 28, 2019

What a day. Couldn’t sleep last night, woke up tired today and in a general fog, almost forgot to take care of Gwen’s kitties, and absolutely did not want to do any physical activity. To top it all off, after taking care of Gwen’s kitties, Pete and I stopped at Stewart’s for dinner and we also got sherbet coolers (♥) and tonight happened to be a night that it wasn’t sure how it was going to sit in the belly. So on top of being very tired and just generally not wanting to deal with exercise, my belly isn’t sure as to whether we’re going to IBS or not.

I went for a brisk walk regardless. It was 1.26mi over the course of 22min, and I think that’s pretty damn good! With the heat still being 81ºF outside at almost 9pm with humidity at play too, it’s not easy to do stuff outdoors. The important thing I do try to do if I’m going to be outside though, is avoid the sun. It’s hard enough to do a workout in the heat, it’s worse when the sun is beating on you as well. So since my belly was off and such, I not only didn’t go as far (I usually like to do 2mi minimum), but I also didn’t do as much jogging/running. There was a brief bit as I was getting a bit closer to home, but since I was concerned that the increased activity would activate my IBS I had to be careful (and it did cause some concerning grumbles after the increased pace). Despite that, my average mile is down to 17.5min! When I first started doing the walks I had a 19-21min mile (it fluctuated), so to be creeping it downward means I’m doing something right! As much as I hate walking/jogging/running, if I could get back to the 13min mile I had in high school (I was not the fastest kid and I don’t care), that’d be amazing.

So will I make up the day I missed tomorrow? Maybe, we’ll see. Have a wedding ceremony to attend smack in the middle of the day, and then we’ll see where it goes from there. Pete and I are brewing some beer that is going to need our attention this weekend as well, so I might be caught up with that instead. For that reason, I’m ending this blog entry here, and if I get the workout in, awesome, if not, no big deal.

Final Thoughts for the Week

Overall it’s not a bad week despite missing a day, but I am frustrated that my weight doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I’m back to keeping a more detailed food journal for the dietitian though, so that should help a bit. I’m keeping in mind her recommendation on the fruits and veggies too, so snacks of choice have been shifted to accommodate that. Lots of grapes, carrots, celery, and apples in the house. We even picked up some little cups of pineapple, my fav (next to cherries). ♥ So I’m hopeful that maybe finally, next week, I’ll see a little improvement? It’s that or I need to get my period and be done with it. There’s also the chance that since my period is late, this is all water weight and when that comes and goes I’ll see a marked difference. Hard to say until it happens. I just hope it doesn’t hit while we’re camping, because I want to go swimming and I hate tampons!

Next week is sure to be interesting, since it’s a holiday weekend we’re coming up to (fourth of July on Thursday). Have a massage trade planned for Monday (so long as all goes well), and then prepping for camping the following week started on Wednesday. Acupuncture is next week too, so if my sleeping hasn’t sorted its shit out by then you know what I’ll be working on. 😛

Ever onward! To the weekend!

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