Jun 22, 2019

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Fitness: Week 6 to Weight Loss


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Goals and Check-ins

  • Current Weight: 134.8lbs
    • Goal Weight: 113lbs
    • Weight Needed to Lose: 21.8lbs
    • Amount Lost so far: -2.4lbs
  • Current Chest Measurement: 40in
    • Goal Measurement: 38in
    • Amount to Lose: 2in
    • Amount Lost so far: 0in
  • Current Waist Measurement: 32in
    • Goal Measurement: 29in
    • Amount to Lose: 3in
    • Amount Lost so far: 0in

Exercise Through the Week

Day 1: June 17, 2019

Today started off with giving a massage. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but this is kind of a workout. It’ll be more so when I’m doing them more frequently each week/day, but something is better than nothing (both for business and for wellness lol). This massage was 90min total, the first 60min being Swedish and the last 30min a Shiatsu sampler. The Swedish was therapeutic too, so I was down and dirty into some muscles (which I do love), and then Shiatsu is always intense because of the amount of body-weight mechanics that go into it. In short, it wasn’t an intense workout, but it was me being in motion.

This evening, after the sun had gone down to the point it wouldn’t sear my fragile, vampuric skin, I went for a walk/jog. I’m slowly getting myself to jog more, and further, in little spurts. This is not usually my modus operandi (m/o), but I’m kind of taking to it? Who even am I anymore? I don’t know, I think it’s just because I really need cardio, and I really like being outside so… this will do?

Anywho, I managed to get 2.41mi in tonight, and I’d say about 3/4 of that (around 1.75mi) was done at a jog. Longest jog distance in one go was 0.15mi, which I think is an improvement overall. Essentially I will jog for a bit, then walk for an equal amount, then jog, then walk… rinse, repeat, keep at it. I try to do more and more jogging each time I go for a walk, and I really am trying to go further at least a couple of times when I jog. Usually I get 0.10mi of a jog before I can’t breathe well enough to continue that pace. Still, every little bit counts, and my main goal is to just keep my heart rate up. Some irrational part of my brain thinks maybe a 5k could happen, but like I said, irrational. I do not actually like running that much… if at all. LOL This just happens to be convenient.

Pete also went with me tonight, and even he got some jogging in! I was so proud of him, because I know that’s not easy for him (bad knees). Really though he was trying to keep up with me. LOL I told him not to worry, I can pace back and forth across the street until he makes it back to where I am, and I did have to do that a couple of times. Not a big deal, the important thing is that I kept moving.

Tomorrow, ideally, I will follow a video on YouTube, and then still go for a walk in the evening. I’m going to try to be better about upping the amount of fitness I make time for in the day, at least a couple times a week for now. If I don’t keep pushing, I won’t get anywhere after all. 🙂

Dog Update: For those who remember last week, Thursday we had to take our family dog, Jack, to the vet because we thought he had a stroke on Wednesday (which it turned out it was just Vestibular Disease), and he had to stay over for some treatment. Well, he came home today and is doing much better! No more nystagmus in his eyes, has an appetite, has energy, isn’t wobbly on his feet, so all good things! He does still have a bit of a head tilt, and there’s not guarantee that will go away, but we can work with that. ♥

Day 2: June 20, 2019

I missed two days, and I’m sort-of okay with it. I mean, I have no choice, but it’s frustrating. Monday night I had a flare up of what I can only guess is from the Hashimoto’s, since it can masquerade as fibromyalgia. From hips down to feet was just pain and discomfort and no position was good. It’s a very different sensation than over-exercising or just a good exercise, and it’s something that I’ve gotten for years; though as a teenager it was just knees to ankles. I have had this particular pain as an adult though from hips to feet, long before I was doing any exercise like this, so I can absolutely, 100%-without-a-doubt say that this was not caused by what I did Monday. It’s further supported that I have inflammation of some type happening by the weight gain (or I’m close to my menses, or both).

That being said, it lingered into Tuesday with a “thick” and “heavy” feeling (those are the best words I can use to describe it), and it wasn’t feeling like a good idea to push it. Then Wednesday I had a lot to do, including acupuncture where we took care of the hip discomfort, but I never got a chance to exercise. Which brings us to today.

So today I had pole dancing class, and it went so-so. We definitely learned new stuff and reinforced what we had already learned, but it’s so freaking humid. Like… swimming through the air humid. It doesn’t seem to want to let up, and it just saps all your strength and stamina. So I went to pole class, but my ass was kicked maybe 20min in. Still did the full 60min class, but perhaps not as vigorously as I otherwise would have. On the flip side though, before my strength gave up the ghost I did manage to do a full sit on the pole with no hands (so held up by my thighs), and I was then able to get my upper body in front of the pole at the same time (the instructor calls it a fallen angel). That was a major accomplishment and I’m really proud of it! I’ll absolutely feel it tomorrow though, because I already feel it tonight. Hopefully not as bad as the last time though. LOL The bruises are pretty spectacular however, or as Gwen says, my “pole kisses”. Hahaha.

Final Thoughts for the Week

What happened? That is a good question! So obviously I got two days in out of five, and that’s just how it is. Last week is a blur to me and it just wasn’t a good week overall. I had a lot of struggles because of the oppressive humidity (and I mean oppressive). My IBS did not want to behave (so I was really sick no matter what I ate), the heat and humidity combined with not wanting to and barely being able to eat meant I had no strength or willpower, and in general I couldn’t even keep the days of the week straight. It was overall not great.

I debated on trying to make up for it over the weekend, but ultimately decided not to. I missed way too many days, and I am just going to start fresh again on Monday. Am I frustrated with myself for this? Absolutely! However, if I just sit and stew on how awful it is that I missed all these days, I’ll just fall into the rabbit hole of self-hate and that will not get me motivated. So instead I’m just going to call it life, and move forward. So I missed a whole bunch of days? At least I can pick it back up Monday. That’s why this is a journey, it’s gonna have ups and downs and I’m just going to have to deal with that.

Now to hope that the humidity, which has finally broken, stays away…

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