Nov 27, 2015

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Myth Busters: Live at Proctors in Schenectady!

This past Tuesday, thanks to some awesome pre-planning for what was truly a fantastic idea for a Father’s Day gift (and consequently making it hard to top myself now LOL), my Dad and I went to see Myth Buster’s live at Proctor’s Theater in Schenectady. Now, first and foremost, if you’re local to the area and you haven’t been to Proctor’s yet, shame on you. It’s a truly amazing venue, and even if you only go to see something on the main-stage once in your life, it’s worth it. And it can be fairly affordable too, as tickets for The Nutcracker, balcony seats are usually only $30.00. And the balcony is great seating for that kind of performance. 😉

We went to see Myth Busters though, and we had fabulous seats down in front. We were close enough that we could clearly make out everything that was happening on stage, but far enough back that we weren’t craning our necks to see up onto the stage (a mistake that I made when I went with my mother and sister to see The Phantom of the Opera years ago). So the performance was likely enhanced for us just from having good seats, but when you order tickets almost six months in advance, that’s what you get. Haha.

I digress…

Can you find Jamie? This is Adam's photo (taken from Twitter) of the whole audience (or as much as possible, anyways). Dad and I are in there somewhere too.

Can you find Jamie? This is Adam’s photo (taken from Twitter) of the whole audience (or as much as possible, anyways). Dad and I are in there somewhere too.

THE SHOW WAS AMAZING. So if Myth Busters is coming within two hours of your location, and you can afford it, GO SEE THEM. Seriously, this is the last tour they’re ever doing, and the final season ever starts in January. This is it folks. This is the last chance you get. DON’T MISS IT! It’s so worth it. Family friendly, too.

Adam and Jamie are just so funny, and they have a fantastic stage presence. They take volunteers from the audience, and so you just might get to participate in their on-stage experiments. I opted not to, but plenty of other audience members did. One girl who went up, teenager for sure, was so adorable. When Adam asked her for her name as he shook her hand, she was so excited her voice cracked. How cool it must have been for her to meet someone she obviously admired so much? You also get a lot of behind-the-scenes information, and a brief chance to ask them some questions. It’s a really, really cool experience.

I was particularly excited though, when Adam was talking about how he enjoys going to conventions and dressing up (surprise guys, he’s a huge cosplay nerd!), and he said his favorite costume is No Face from Spirited Away (I totally had a fangirl moment). He said what he loved about that costume the most though, was how into it fans were. To the point that people will get their photo taken with him, and then he’ll produce a piece of gold for them (the chocolate wrapped coins). Well, at one con people started giving it back. It took him a moment to realize it was because they were so into it that they knew gold from No Face was bad luck! Just made the experience even better to him. Super awesome!

There's Jamie! Adam took a second photo (taken from Twitter) of us all pointing out Jamie. C:

There’s Jamie! Adam took a second photo (taken from Twitter) of us all pointing out Jamie. C:

Of course, nothing could really beat the finale… When Jamie revealed his (definitely not legal for ownership outside of Myth Busters probably) paintball gun of awesome. It had four barrels, was fully automatic, and could fire 500 rounds a minute. And they fired that sucker at a man in full plate armor. All 500 rounds. Towards the audience, with nothing but a plexiglass screen (or similar material) between us and that gun. We got “Myth Buster’s view”, as they called it. It was soooooo freaking cool! I kind of wish I’d broken the “no video/photography” rule and recorded that one, because it would have been totally worth it!

Dad and I definitely had an amazing time. I can’t speak for what his favorite moments were, but he was laughing and clapping and having a merry time of it. And he had a big grin on his face when he left, so it was a good gift. Even if he had to wait until November to receive it in full. Haha. Kind of wish my other siblings and mother had opted to go with us, but that was their choice. At least Dad and I have an awesome memory to look back on for years to come now. <3

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